Canelo Alvarez is talking the talk, but is he walking the walk?

Canelo alvarez v ggg

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took care of Liam “Beefy” Smith and continued to call out Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin. Alvarez stated that he saw the Golovkin versus Kell Brook and that it was nothing different and it is his era.

The boxing public disagrees with Canelo and even though Oscar De La Hoya stated that they offered $10 million to Golovkin the public is siding with Triple G. It is easy to see why he garners the support of the boxing public.

Golovkin actually fights at the middleweight limit and fights other middleweights. His fight against Brook, a welterweight champion, had to be made because no other middleweights wanted to fight him. Some people point to the fact that Golovkin took step aside money instead of fighting Miguel Cotto.


They will say that this proves that Golovkin does not want to fight the best fighters out there. Cotto is a great champion but he is not a middleweight. He has never actually fought at the middleweight limit even though he was a middleweight champion.

So why not take the $1 million dollars and step aside? Cotto, who is very selective with his opponents, probably wasn’t going to fight Golovkin. His chances of winning were slim but a fight with Alvarez represented a more winnable fight.

Some people will say that Alvarez has fought the better opposition, he has, and that Golovkin needs to realize this and give a pound or two. This is pure garbage. He has a better resume at 154 and guess what, that means nothing at 160.

Golovkin hasn’t beaten any future greats but he has beaten solid actual middleweights. Alvarez has beaten 0 ranked actual middleweights. If he wants to beat the king, he needs to come to the king’s courtyard.

Anyone that says Golovkin needs to do this or that to get a fight needs their head examined. This should be old school who is better at boxing. Not this new age let’s make the most money on the smallest risk crap.

If Alvarez wants to really be the best of his era or the man of the era he needs to grow a pair and step up to the king. He should remember though if you come at the king you better not miss.

Summary: Canelo Alvarez has done a lot of taking but hasn’t stepped up to the plate yet. He claims this is his era but he is avoiding his biggest challenge at the moment.