What the Anthony Joshua Knockout Win Means.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua knocked out Wladimir Klitschko in a very spirited heavyweight title fight. Joshua had to pick himself up off of the floor to stop Klitschko later in the right in round 11. The win made Joshua the IBF, IBO, and WBA Super heavyweight champion. It was a rousing performance but what should you take away from this fight?

1. Anthony Joshua is the real deal.

Joshua proved he is the real deal today. He got off of the floor after being smacked with a right hand from a huge puncher and came back to win. He showed his guts in this fight and showed that a little adversity isn’t going to stop him. Joshua also showed that he can sit on the back foot and stay in a fight. He said after the fight he isn’t perfect and he isn’t but he is good enough to be competitive with anyone.

After being dropped in the sixth it seemed like he was going to be stopped or lose on points but he dug deep. He found a second wind and dropped Klitschko with a huge uppercut before stopping him. Class performance from a future star.


2. Wladimir Klitschko isn’t done.

Klitschko fought a great fight and he showed his grit. He could have stayed down when Joshua dropped him the first time but he didn’t. He got back up and then managed to take control of that round and then drop Joshua in the next round. It has been awhile, if ever since Klitschko has shown grit like that. He may not become the man again but he would still beat a lot of highly ranked contenders.

3. Wladimir Klitschko proved his legacy should be favorable.

Klitschko just took a young power punching heavyweight to the brink. The fact that he is 41-years-old and was out of the ring for 17 months should tell you how good this man was. He beat every man put in front of him for 11 years. It was always passed off as bad competition but tonight he proved that was false.

4. Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight in the world, including Anthony Joshua, if he cares.

Joshua looked really good and won by dramatic knockout. It is a much more memorable fight than the Fury win over Klitschko. That means people will say Joshua will beat Fury. That is not happening. Fury would clown AJ in a boxing ring. That is if he cares enough to make the fight happen. He wished Joshua good luck on social media and said that make a fight happen.

The schedules could line up perfectly. Klitschko said he is interested in using the rematch clause. Fury can get started on losing the 100 pounds he needs to and then fights around the time of the rematch. If Joshua wins again, boom, Joshua vs Fury is on deck.

Joshua called out Fury after the fight but he may regret getting what he asked for.